Mini Assignment #4: Remixing A Story

In May of 2018, Charlie Puth released his sophomore album Voicenotes. I immediately fell in love with it and whenever I love an album, I always check social media, mostly Twitter, to hear what other people think of the album and what they associate the songs with. It is always fun hearing who certain songs about while listening to them tell a story. These words can impact someone in some way.

Charlie Puth replied to a fan on Twitter (I could not retrieve the tweet but will link it when I do) explaining how


How Long

Done For Me (feat. Kehlani)

and Patience

are all connected

I love when songs do this and decided to tell the story through splitting up words of the songs and remixing them together by telling a story.

Attention tells a story about a girl doing everything she can to gain his attention. Shocker, by the title. He gets frustrated when he comes to this realization and she is on his mind, which is her goal.

“You just want attention, you don’t want my heart
Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new”

Attention by Charlie Puth

In a turn of events, How Long is about his girl finding out that he has been sneaking around with someone else. He blames it on the fact he was drunk (typical) and she keeps questioning him “how long has this been going on?”  and asking if this was real or all a show.

“I’ll admit (I’ll admit), it’s my fault (my fault), but you gotta believe me
When I say it only happened once, mmh”

How Long by Charlie Puth

Done For Me (feat. Kehlani) is about Charlie turning the narrative and asking what she has done for him during all of this, most likely prompting him to act out like he did in How Long. He assumed all she wanted was Attention to begin with.

“I lie for you, baby
I die for you, baby
Cry for you, baby
But tell me what you’ve done for me”

Done For Me by Charlie Puth (feat. Kehlani)

This story concludes with Charlie putting everything aside and just asking the girl to have some Patience with him. He once again acknowledges his faults and is trying to talk through how he knows he isn’t what she needs, but he just whats another shot or to remain on her mind.

“Is it too much (Is it too much?) that I’m asking for?
Can we start over? (Can we start over?) Can we end this war?
I’ve been taking your love, I’ve been wasting your time
But is there still a chance of me changing your mind?
Before you (yeah) go walking out the door”

Patience by Charlie Puth

This story honestly sounds like every early 20 year old. What a journey! It was a bunch of he said, she said but in the end, he seems to have recognized this whole situation was a misunderstanding from Attention to Done For Me and everywhere in between. Have a listen for yourself for yourself and prepare for this wild storytelling.

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