Let’s Change It Up!

I really enjoy these peer reviews because they allow myself to grow and create the best blog I can. I love that Rowina enjoyed my calm atmosphere and the comparison to a “charming blanket fort with fairy lights scattered around.” Tears!

Thank you, Rowina, for the helpful tips! Now, let’s make some changes…

The number one thing that I knew was going to be noted was my background. I loved my star background so much! Although, I do admit that I did notice it blocked words. So sad. Oh well, all things must come to an end.

long live, my friend

I decided to change my OG background to this new sparkly one. Honestly, it adds a nice touch! So thank you Rowina for giving me that boost to change it.  

I also agree with changing the typeface colour! The problem is, I am unsure how. I will try to change this as soon as I can with some help so stay tuned.

I seriously am so touched by Rowina’s generous words.

On a serious note, the past few months I have been in such a creative block. I have been SO uninspired. I feel like all of the readings and essays have clogged my mind and I find myself unable to truly express myself and my interests.

I have always had a love for writing and it is something I never want to lose.

So, I thank this class and the material for helping me express myself again.

Source: Rowina’s Peer Review http://chashuontheside.ca/posiel/starlight-adventures/

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