How I Imagine My Audience

The audiences I have been imagining thus far are mainly people around the ages 15-23. People still going through school and overall looking for something to read that is written by someone near their age.

I say this because I feel like my content at the moment is very school-orientated. I have my posts of Publishing 101 and then posts that reflect my own personal interests, like Ariana Grande’s new album.

This audience has informed my design and editorial decisions because I like keeping an educational section and personal section that can appeal to my classmates and strangers who read my blog. I like to write about things people can relate to and if I cater to this audience, then I feel like they understand where I come from.

My audience could also be in the beauty, lifestyle, and music categories. Since those are the posts that I have been making the most I feel like it is catering to a certain audience. I will continue to cater to this audience as I find it the most fun to write about.

By writing about Ariana Grande’s new album, I am catering to my audience as they are looking for music suggestions and it is a hot new album out right now.

I would like to reach a wider audience and plan to do that by potentially altering some of the categories I write about at the moment and expanding my topics.

I would like to continue to have this blog to grow on.

Right now, it is very representative of who I am at the moment and what my interests are. I’m just having fun!

In the future, I plan to challenge myself and come back to this blog and witness my growth through this course and year.

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