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For this week’s process post, I decided to talk about some of my favourite ways to edit pictures, videos, and articles.

It truly takes a village sometimes to edit a picture and post. There are so many different apps and ways to express your creativity. The options are endless!


I live for VSCO. The filter options (that are free) are diverse enough to come up with any theme and set the tone on any pictures.

Lightroom is also an asset when wanting to make your pictures more clear and vibrant. You can now purchase filters made by photographers to apply to your photo in one click! It does all the work for you!

Storyluxe is another app that I enjoy when wanting to combine photos and make them look “vintage” or as a Polaroid. You can also make them look floral and neon!

Huji is the classic one click and your photo looks like an old Kodak film!

Planoly is a good app to help you preschedule pictures and have them upload on their own time.


iMovie a classic. It has been good to me for the past year and have enjoyed experimenting with it!

Camcorder makes any video look like it is some type of throwback tape from the 80’s.


If you want to have someone read your article out, check out this “Text to Speak” website.

These are the most-used apps that help me create every image I have in my mind. A photo tells a thousand words and is something I love sharing.

The memories etched in photos can mean so much. I have a bunch of photos hanging all around my room. They all represent some part of my life.

I believe editing photos and videos are something we should all start doing from young ages. Actually, throwback to those cringe pictures we would edit in elementary school on PicMonkey. I do not mean young age as in “edit out your blemishes and change your body” but I think teaching how to pay attention to detail and let your mind lead you. It can teach technical skills at a young age and allow people to find their creative direction. It is important to let children explore and by taking pictures and creating videos, they are able to shape their identity and find their passion through this creative outlet!

In Design Machines: How to survive the digital apocalypse  by Travis Gertz, they wrote a forceful sentence: “The practice of design involves a whole new mountain of influence crunching down, strong arming decisions, imposing standards, and questioning abilities.”.  (Gertz, 2015, par. 5).

I believe this quote is powerful because they touch on copy-cat culture and how content to be very unoriginal now. When someone sees something popular or something that is trending, people think thats what others want to see and run with it. Popularity is everything these days and some people may feel uncomfortable with not conforming to the “norm” and trying something new.

It is sad that it has come to this as some new creative artwork could be out there in the world somewhere, but is hidden or not being expressed due to this new generation.

I do admit that I do stick to the norm but only due to the fact I have not found a creative direction I want to take that challenges it.

These platforms that I have listed above have helped guide me to express my art or creativity in many ways than one. I love taking photos and having them tell a story.

On my @starlightadventures Instagram, I utilize these apps by editing photos differnt ways and using different templates.

I like the idea of photos telling stories and by having endless platforms to do so, it can help us expand our creativity and use social media to discover art that may be hidden in the wave of “copy-cat culture.”


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Featured Image Reference: @LadeeKiki on

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