Cheers To Ariana Grande: “thank u, next.” An Album Review.

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It’s Ariana Grande’s World and We’re Just Living In It…

And she is so good with that.

Let’s Discuss.

Fans were taken by surprise when Ariana released a new single,thank u, next” (which we later found out was the album title) near the end of  2018 on November 3rd.

Ariana truly is the gift that keeps on giving. She CONSTANTLY is delivering new music and we are living through it!

The single came only a few short months after her sophomore album sweetener” was released back in the summer.

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This album drew a lot of mixed reviews… People did not enjoy the more tropical-type, very mixed, and just overall almost funk-type sound.

Ariana worked with Pharrell on this album and we all recognize Pharrell for being creative and it truly was a hit or miss for some people.

Ariana has acknowledged that the album is her finding her true voice after searching for years. Shouldn’t that be all that matters? sweetener was an album that needed to happen. She got a Grammy nom for it AND we got to experience her performance of “god is a woman” at the MTV Video Music Awards! So really we should be thankful for this album.

My personal favourites are: blazed (feat. Pharrell Williams), R.E.M, god is a woman, sweetener, everytime, breathin, goodnight n go, pete davidson, get well soon, and better off (this one really got me through some rough times). So yeah, I did enjoy it.

Let’s put sweetener behind us and dive into her newest album…

thank u, next” (!!!)

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We have already heard the breakup-self empowerment song “thank u, next”, the soulful and beautiful “imagine”, and the honestly inspiring and goal setting “7 rings.”

This is a very highly anticipated album. Ariana has been through a lot the past year and I am forever inspired by her strength and her talent. I have been a fan since the beginning and I will be for a long time.

I will be doing the work for you and reviewing thank u, next track by track as it just released TONIGHT, February 9th, and I cannot wait!

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  1. imagine

This song remains my favourite. It tells a beautiful tale of two people imagining what their ideal life together would look like. Ariana describes a scene through the verses and then follows it with the chorus, “imagine a world like that?” She sounds like she may be mourning the loss of someone. She hits those NOTES, whistle tones that is, and it is just such a dreamy song. 10/10.

     2. needy

Now, this song has been hyped for a while! I believe part of it leaked or Ariana played it in a livestream and everyone was hooked. We finally got the official version and we are rejoicing! The song maintains a slow but suspenseful vibe that I can imagine her performing with a choir and single spotlight on her. Ariana talks about how good it feels to be needed and how she feels needy. “You can go ahead and call me selfish, but after all this damage I can’t help it” Ariana describes how the pain she has gone through now affects the relationships she builds with others that enter her life. It is a very honest song that a lot of people who may struggle with trust issues can relate to and also jam to at the same time. 9/10.


Another one of my favourites! You can’t help but smile while listening to it. The song we all needed. The melody is happy and her build up to the chorus is very playful. It really does feel like we are travelling through space. The song is ultimately about Ariana needing space from someone and how she is trying to “self discover” and find herself. Although she still loves this person, she needs to finds herself and can’t miss them if they stay around each other. Perhaps she is trying to strengthen her love for this person after spending a lot of time together, or convincing herself otherwise. 9.5/10.

4. bloodline

We have the iconic Joan Grande serving us with the introduction! Ariana legitimately described this song as having fun with someone, but not enough to have them in her bloodline. #savage. “I ain’t lookin’ for my one true love, yeah, that ship sailed away” Preach, Ari! 8.5/10.

5. fake smile

This song is ultimately about Ariana going through it and how she cannot fake another smile. It is almost as if she has become numb to what everyone has said about her, as she sings about reading what they say and hearing what they say about her on T.V. Ariana’s strength these past few months has been so inspirational and I just want to give her a hug. 8/10.

6. bad idea

Ariana basically talks about, as the title states, a bad idea and potentially reuniting with an ex to “numb the pain” and try to help her get over someone. Basically, this person acts as a distraction and temporary satisfaction to take away Ariana’s pain- and she knows this is a bad idea. The last minute of the song includes a suspenseful violin that almost feels like a movie scene where the two of them get caught. Queen of Drama! 7.5/10.

7. make up

A short but cute song! Ariana talks about breaking up with someone just to make up with them- because she enjoys when they reunite and get back together. If you know what I mean. 8/10.

8. ghostin

Everyone, please get your tissues out! Out of respect for the (potential) meaning, it is a very personal song and I do not want to focus too much on the people these songs are about, but rather enjoy the song we are listening to. Ariana is writing to someone who knew they could not live up to her past lover. She thanks them for being so understanding, she knows they can get through it, but she has a little ways to go to fully accept that the person she loved is gone. They shared their souls with each other and that is something that is irreplaceable. She still sees him in her dreams and knows she will get through it. It is a very angel-like, raw, and honest song. 10/10.

9. in my head

WE CAN ALL RELATE TO THIS. Shoutout to Doug for reminding Ariana that the only person she can fix, is herself! Ariana talks about how she painted a picture of someone who she thought was true. Unfortunately, this can lead to a toxic situation. She sings about how she sees an angel when he was a demon. Thankfully, she acknowledged he is not who she thought he was and she invented him. You always have to look out for yourself and acknowledged when something does not feel right. Thankfully, Ariana did! 8/10

10. 7 rings

Goals. Just, goals. Acknowledge your worth and love yourself! 8.5/10

11. thank u, next

OK. Can someone please inform me WHY I cried when this song came on?  I think it hit me how far Ariana has come since the beginning of her career and sweetener. This song really made everything come together. We heard stories about her falling in love and getting her heart broken. Now, we are celebrating how grateful she is to have gone through all of this to get to where she is today. She has grown so much and I am forever proud of her. 10/10

12. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored

I am sorry, but you need to experience this song yourself. Revolutionary. Watch the music video. Leave your rating of this song below because it broke my scale and no words can describe this song!

As I have said earlier, I am a huge Ariana person. I am lucky to have grown up watching her and listening to her music. She has grown into such a strong, talented, and beautiful woman. I am so glad she has shared her music with the world and trusts us with it.

In conclusion…. ARIANA CAME THROUGH.

Cheers to Ariana! (And if you’re reading this, love you. I hope to see you again in Vancouver when prices go down xoxo)

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  1. This is such a lovely review. NASA is currently my anthem!
    And yes I completely agree that the ending to the music video “BUWYG, IB” was iconic in every sense, 10/10!

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