Flowers Are Blooming! Spring Cleaning 101

Spring is right around the corner and we could not be more blessed! I am someone who is incredibly unorganized and most people use the Spring Time to do a deep clean of everything in their life. I thought this was a great way to motivate myself and prepare for the summer time! I personally love Spring time. The cherry blossoms, colours, Easter, fashion, end of the semester, you name it!

I have compiled a list of ways to start your cleaning frenzy! Any small step towards this yearly clean is a great one!

  1. BUY SOME CLEANING SUPPLIES. This could help with the motivation aspect and nothing like a soft lemon breeze to get you in the mood to clean and enter a Spring Time Heaven!
  2. WINDEX ALL YOUR WINDOWS. I have always had this weird obsession with cleaning windows ever since I was younger… I don’t know what it is about Windex, but please sponsor me!
  3. START DRINKING FLAVOURED AND DETOX WATER. Spruce up your plain water by adding a lemon and mint in there.
  4. MAKE A LIST OF THE AREAS YOU PLAN TO CLEAN EACH DAY. Doing one thing at a time can really make the difference and little do you know, your whole house/room is being cleaned in the meantime!
  5. GO THROUGH YOUR CLOSET AND GET RID OF THOSE CLOTHES YOU DON’T WEAR ANYMORE. My closet is PACKED and I swear I wear the same 5 outfits. I need to take this tip. Donate clothes to your local shelter or Thrift Shop!
  8. CLEAR YOUR BEDSIDE TABLE AND MAKE IT MORE COZY.Add a Himalayan Salt Lamp, journal, book, candle, and lamp!

These are all the little things I plan to do to help myself feel cleaner and be more organized. It is truly a journey to get to where you would like, but one step goes a long way!

HAPPY CLEANING! Bring it on, Spring!

Featured Image Reference: Interiors Addict on Pinterest

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