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Welcome to my life- hope you are ready for the ride!

My name is Emily and I am currently 21 years old and about to wrap up my Bachelor’s degree in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. My friends would describe me (kindly, as I asked them to one time when I tried to get on reality television… a story for another day) as caring, loyal, and atypical. I love all things pop culture, music, thrilling, sparkly, and spending time with my loved ones. I have also developed a recent love for exploring the world and appreciating every moment I am given!

Okay, now that the basics are out of the way- let me give you a reason to stick around and may have decided to click on my blog! (and hopefully continue to…)

I have always had a love for writing. I originally started blogging on my 18th birthday. You can find my old one here. My teen high-school self was ahead of her time I swear. I decided to enroll in a class at school that was about professionally developing a blog- that explains the school section of this blog. I also discovered that I can use my voice in more ways than I thought…

Growing up, I have always been into volunteering, finding ways to help make a difference in people’s lives, and bring happiness to anyone I surround myself with. I believe everyone has that one person that has impacted their life and I hope to be that person for someone.

I want this blog to be a safe place for people to come to and even showcase their work (publicly or anonymously). I will be posting relevant content- whether that be a political topic I felt had to be mentioned, reviewing music and hair products, my experience being part of a sorority (ain’t it fun to hear about crazy college adventures?), interviewing people, my life as a student, journal entries, and so many other aspects that we will just have to see for ourselves!

I hope you find yourself relating to something here on this blog and know you are not alone. Did we just become bestfriends?

Now, the journey awaits!

Love, Emily

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